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You And Your Dog Both Deserve To Be Happy


Now it’s time to transform those unwanted behaviors and uncover your dog's brilliance, even if other training hasn’t worked in the past.

  • Are tired of feeling like your dog is running your home even though you’re the one paying the bills?

  • Is your dog’s barking driving you a little (or a lot) crazy?

  • Do you feel like you’ve lost control of your dog and your relationship is struggling?

You love your dog but the outbursts and not listening have you at your limit. The good news is that you’re in the right place!

You want to be able to trust that your dog will do what you ask them to rather than their listening skills being less reliable than a coin flip. Imagine being able to tell your dog to stop barking and they listen without you feeling like a drill sergeant.

What if taking your dog with you wherever you went was the norm rather than just a pipe dream?

What Clients Are Saying

It's awesome! I love it and the training has really helped me get closer with my dog and understand my dog more.

- John S.

You make everything so easy to understand! You also give so much to the community and make us feel really cared for ❤️

- Susan R.

This has been amazing! I wasn't confident going into it, but I have seen my pup become so much better. Expectations are in place and communication between him and I are continuing to improve.

- Tanja D

I'm Such A Dog Nerd!

I fell in love with training when I learned to train dolphins at Sea Life Park On Oahu. Dolphins don’t walk on land so I decided to help man’s best friend. I’ve never looked back!

The most rewarding thing in the world is to see that glowing smile spread across a dog parents face when they see that their dog is capable of doing the things they need them to. To help dog owners regain that control that they feel they’ve lost and replace it with confidence is just fantastic!

You want to be able to bottle that feeling you had when you first brought your pup home. You know the one! And you want to be able to do it while maintaining that amazing relationship you’ve built up til now.

That relationship is still intact and so is the amazing future you’ve envisioned with your dog. You just have to reach for it!

Kim Hawkinson

Dog Trainer

How The Process Works

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03. Let's Chat

We'll plan a time to talk so you can tell me even more, I can get to know you and give you details about our programs so you can choose the one you feel fits you best.

The best version of your dog is closer than you think!


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