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Your dog isn’t just a dog, they’re a member of your family that you love and care for on a deep level.

But sometimes that amazing family member can give you a run for your money and make you question your sanity.

You feel like you’ve tried everything you could think of and you’re still not getting the results you're wanting from them.

That’s where I step in!

Imagine you telling your dog to do something and they do it the first time, allowing you to feel like you have more control at home.

What if your dog was polite and welcoming to the guests that came over to your house rather than a tornado of chaos with jumping and craziness, allowing you to enjoy your company rather than micro manage your dog the entire time.

What if you could leave your door open and NOT have your dog run out as if their life depended on it?

And what if your dog could release their attachment to going berserk at other dogs and people on your walks and inside the house, leaving you without the stress and frustration of always wondering not if, but when, the next outburst will occur?

Just like you would send your little ones to Pre-Pre-K, and then Pre-K, and then Kindergarten, your dog needs the same schooling.

You want your kiddos to know how to wait in line, to be polite, to not snatch things from other people's hands, and to share.

Your dog has to learn life skills too and it’s never too late to start.

You just have to start!

Does This Sound Familiar?

You're Frustrated. You don't know why your dog listens sometimes and doesn't listen other times. You're tired of your guests and family judging you because your dog shows their butt whenever they come over, and forget about the celebration BBQs. It's just so dang irritating.

You feel like you've already done everything you know to do to fix the issue and don't know what to do next. You've watched countless YouTube videos and while you've learned a few things, there hasn't been a video that addresses your specific problem and you just don't now how to move forward. None of your other dogs have been like this and you're at a loss for how to help them be the amazing dog you know is inside of them.

You're tired of being stressed. Your nervous system just can't take it anymore with the barking and craziness. You just don't know if your dog is even trainable at this point and you're starting to wonder if it's all your fault and the stress is a lot to wear every day.

If even some of this sounds like some of the thoughts that have been going through your head, you're absolutely not alone and I'm here to help! Click below and let's get started 💖


My first dog was the one that made me so interested in dog psychology when I started my dog training journey. I wanted to find a method that helped me calm her mind so that she could actually hear what I was saying, as well as be able to exist in the world around her, not just continue to bark her head off at the dog walking down the street.

That's why I have such a passion for digging down deep to solve the root cause to behavioral problems at home.

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In The Business of Canine Mental & Emotional Health