For those of you who don’t know me too well, I’m a mom. And ANY mom out there will tell you that when you have the kiddos, you need rules.

When they’re covered with dirt and grime, and you don’t know where they starts and the chaos ends, rules are what help us maintain that sanity.

Same thing with our dogs.

Click the button below to go grab yourself a copy. As long as you have rules in place and your dog understands what’s acceptable and what isn’t, you’ll never have to teach them anything else if you sin’t want to 🙂

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Houston, we have a problem…..

A little while ago, the unheard of happened……

My site was hacked.

Because this happened, all of my stuff went away: The blog posts, the documents I had for you to have access to….everything.

Now while normally, I’d freak out because HOLY SHIT! That was my baby!!!! 

I decided to NOT do that, and instead build something better for you guys.

Right now, I’m using this landing page as the central hub, but I’ll be building everything out shortly.

In the mean time, send me a message if you have any questions about anything, download my guide to The Four Most Important Words You’ll Ever Teach To Your Dog, or head on over to my Facebook pages and Groups where you can read up on the services I offer, as well as join an amazing community created just for you, where you can ask questions and get them answered, as well as be surrounded by other Dedicated Dog Parents, just like yourself.

I’ll talk to you guys soon:)