The Worst Part About Dog Training

When you first get your dog, generally, you’re not thinking about the upkeep and maintenance. You’re loving how soft and cuddly they are. How much they make you laugh; How you’re so incredibly elated that you’re giving this perfect little being another chance at a happier life; How you feel more complete knowing this perfect little thing loves you unconditionally.

Then some cold hard truths are revealed.

This perfect little being might not know that your house isn’t the place to squat and go potty, or they might not know that they’re not supposed to jump all over the strange people that walk through the door, OR they might not know that they’re not supposed to steal food off of the counter where a lot of awesome smelling and tasting food is stored.

And this is where the training comes into play. You need someone to guide you and tell you what you need to do. You need someone to take you by the hand, and show you how to tell your dog that they’re being an asshole a bad boy or girl without, of course, sacrificing a good line of communication and relationship.

You may wonder WHY in the world I titled this blog post the way I did.

Well, there is no set-in-stone way to train your dog. There is no cookie cutter method that will work for every dog out there. It’s up to us, the humans, the figure out through trial and error, what is going to work best for our dogs. Every dog is different, just like people.

I’m not saying that there aren’t methods that trainers use that are extremely similar to get the desired results.

The teach a Sit, we normally lure the dog into a sit by moving a piece of food over its head. A food motivated dog will, almost 100% of the time, follow the food, allowing their rear to go down to the floor so that can more easily look at said food above their head.

But then there are the dogs that don’t want to put their rear down for various reason. Maybe they don’t quite get what you’re wanting. Maybe the reward that you have isn’t tempting enough to make them continually work to get the reward. Maybe the environment that you’re working in is really exciting and distracting. Or maybe the floor is cold and they just don’t like a cold butt. (True story. I’ve had a dog that wouldn’t sit down on a concrete floor but would if there was a mat/doggie bed under them)

Whatever the reason is, you may have to think outside of the box in order to get your dog to do what you need then to do.

In the same example as above, getting our dog to sit, maybe you have to gently place your hand on your dogs lower back and guide them into a sit. Maybe you need to move to a quieter/less exciting area to work with them. Maybe you need to try another method of training. Rather than luring them into position, you can to capture the behavior instead.

I tried to keep this post short and sweet and to the point. The main take away that I’m hoping you take away from it are to take your time and, if necessary, try different things.

I offer dog training classes that not only go over all the behaviors to have your dog be a well-mannered member of your household, but help you learn how your dog speaks and the easiest way they learn new things. I also offer online video conference training sessions where I can walk you through things and get you on the road toward success.

If either of those sounds like something that might help, do me a favor and comment below.

As always, show your dog some love today, and Happy Training J

2 thoughts on “The Worst Part About Dog Training”

  1. The most troubling with Molly is tearing up everything. She is constantly getting into things she shouldn’t then tears it up. This is a BIG problem.

    1. Hi Deborah, I think the biggest thing that is working against you is Molly’s age. She’s still young and “stupid”. Any and all training would be great with her. I know she plays with herself in the back yard but any exercise and physical exercion that she can get I think would really help with that. I hope your’e feeling better:)

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