She went in all Ninja Style!

I consider myself a pretty calm person. I always try to

give people the benefit of the doubt. I try my best never

to jump to conclusions before I know all the facts.

You know……I try to keep my cool.

But then I kept getting notices from my daughters school that I owed more, and more, and more for TWO freaking lunches!!!!! TWO!

How does the price keep going up! I looked in the stupid handbook and couldn’t find anything. I hardly ever see anything that comes home because my daughter clears her folder, puts the papers down somewhere, and never tells me what she’s done with them. So MAYBE something came home that I never saw about late charges????

I had just paid everything. All the freaking late charges that were there with no notice of late charges, and then I get ANOTHER notice that I owe again.

That’s it! I”m going to rip someone’s head off. What the H%&! is going on?!?

I get to her school ready to battle. I walk in and politely ask if someone could let me know about their late fee policy.

“Ma’am, we don’t have late fees.”

“Well then what are these notice that keep coming home with higher and higher prices on them?”

They sent me to go tan to the lunch lady. The all-knowing lunch lady.

Turns out, my daughter had been getting breakfast at school. She eats breakfast at home, only to go to school and get breakfast there as well. The all-knowing lunch lady told me that she had told my daughter that she needed to get the OK from me when she noticed that my daughter’s balance was over ten dollar. “OK” said my daughter.

Y’all, I was floored. She not only wasn’t honest with me, she wasn’t honest with the super kind, all-knowing, yummy breakfast providing lunch lady.

We had a talk and it doesn’t happen anymore, but the point here is that she didn’t know how bad it was to keep something like that from us because we had never told her hold bad it was to lie. Just like our dogs have no idea how bad it is to track mud inside the house, or how bad it is to rip something to shreds.

Until they have a reference point, they’re not going to know what’s acceptable and what isn’t.

You can try your best to set them up for success, but that doesn’t always work. You can try to show them but, again, that doesn’t always work. Sometimes, you just have to let them fail.

In then end, as long as you can get the point across to them, you AND your dog will be better for it.

It’s all about association with dogs. Remember, rubbing their noses in their poo doesn’t work and neither does smacking them on the snout. It just makes them afraid to poop in front of you and instills fear rather than compliance.

Our dogs want to make up happy and want to be good dogs. It’ sup to us to show them how sometimes.

Remember to love up on your dogs today. And happy training:)

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