Below you'll find descriptions of the services I provide.  If you are in need of something that isn't listed below, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Private Sessions:

Private Sessions involve me coming to your home to work on what you want to work on or what you want your dog to learn. This might be a more viable option for you if you are really crunched on time or if your dog is a little on the fearful/anxious side.

By having the sessions at your home, you make it easier for your dog since they normally will feel safer and more at ease at home.

As mentioned above, I can work on behaviors or behavioral issues. No home sessions will take place after dark.

***If the training session deals with aggression issues, there may be a small up-charge.

*** If you fail to cancel/reschedule your appointment at least 24 hours in advance, you will be charged for that session.***

If a Private Session sounds like something you would be interested in, Go to the Shop

Online Training Consultation:

During an online training consultation, I help you create a training plan that is doable for YOUR life situation.

There's no cookie cutter method of training dogs.

Wether you need help with how to handle a behavioral problem, or are having issues with a particular behavior, I'll walk you through the steps necessary to successfully tackle the issue head on, in a positive, reinforcing way.

This might be an option for you if you are short on time and don't have the ability to schedule a one-on-one with me. Also, if you live outside of my driving area but still want to work with me.

If a Private Session sounds like something you would be interested in, Go to the Shop

Canine Good Citizen:

Canine Good Citizen is a test recognized by the AKC (American Kennel Club).  It's a certification that shows your dog is well behaved and can be so in the home as well as in the community.  It can be used by everyday canines and is a prerequisite for Therapy and Service Dogs.

The test consists of 10 tasks. You can learn more about these tasks, as well as the test in general, here.

***Due to my space limitations at the time, I can administer the test, as well as hold classes but I'll need to gather participants and arrange for a location before a class can start.

If you're interested in CGC session or classes, please Contact Me