I was like “Come at me Bro!”


May 02

It was a gorgeous day. But I was seriously stressed out. I had three more clients that day, I had things to do to keep my house in order, and it was already after 1:30 in the afternoon.

I live in Arkansas and anyone who lives here (or atlas is familiar with the Jacksonville area) knows about the wonky side roads we have that you take to get access to the main highway running through it.

I was about to merge onto the Northbound highway from the side road (a side road that has both north and south bound traffic). (I promise there’s a reason for all the details. Just hang in there)

As I was merging on, there was oncoming traffic. The wonderful Arkansas Department of Transportation has installed these strategically placedĀ little pieces of metal called road signs that tell people who’s allowed to go first, who had to yield, all that helpful stuff. Apparently the person that WAS the oncoming traffic missed that day in school because they decided it was their prerogative to go when they shouldn’t have.

Now, anyone who has worked with men or knows me knows that I’m cupcakes and sunshine and all that happy stuff. I don’t engage in or allow myself to get upset if I can help it and if I do get stressed out, I try to bring myself out of it ASAP.

That day, however, was not a cupcakes and sunshine day. In my stressed and irritate-at-life state, I slowed my vehicle and proceeded to tell her she was #1 with a choice finger. You know the one. She looked at me like I was cray cray. Like I was the one who was offending her. As I was passing her, the words, “Come at me Bro!” came out of my mouth.

Y’all, things like that don’t happen to me. They just don’t. On any normal day, it would have been just another thing that was unfortunate as it wasn’t the safest situation but it would have stopped there.

The reason I share this story is to 1. Let you know that people, in general, are self absorbed, arrogant people when they’re behind a wheel of a car, and 2. How we react when we’re stressed or anxious is very similar to how a dog can react to a situation if they’re having a bad day as well.

Has your dog ever freaked out after having a bad day? Maybe they had a bad visit at the vet and then got into a little tiff with another dog at the dog park later on that day. Or maybe little Johnny poked your normally calm and subdued dog one too many times and they nip at him.

Our dogs generally don’t do the things they do to be mean or rude but are often a product of their environment. They have feelings and emotions just like we do. If you find that your dog is acting odd or off in some way, take a moment and try to take in the entire environment or your dog’s previous day. It just might be that they’re having a bad day and it only takes the one small thing to make your dog say,”Come at me Bro!” when you might not expect it.

As always, let me know what you thought of the post. Let me know if you think I need some anger management classes or if your dog has ever encountered anything similar. I look forward to hearing from you:)

Give your dog some love and Happy training:)

Get closer to the relationship you want with your dog and learn how to take your dog from Mundane to Righteous and Awesome ;)