I just got called out by……my MOM!

So I was talking to my mom the other night on the phone. She was telling me about how everything was going on with her, and I was telling her everything that was going on with me, my girls, my business. You know, normal Mom conversation.

Then she was telling me that she was following my blog (Yay), and she asked about the whole Facebook thing.

“So you got kicked off of Facebook?”

“Yeah, I think it was because I cursed.”

“Yeah, that’s definitely it. You shouldn’t do that.”

“You know, I never curse to offend, or to be mean, or to be vulgar. If I curse, it’s to get my point across.”

(OK, this is just a side note but I think you guys should know that little tid bit as well. Moving on.)

Then my mom called me on something and I wasn’t expecting it.

“But didn’t you use one of those collars?”

(internally I’m like “Oh shit! I DID didn’t I?!) “Yes I did at one point but that was before I really started to dive into the effect that negativity and compulsive methods had on training”.

Before I may have used a pinch collar after I had taught my pup something. Once I felt she knew it, I felt justified in correcting her for not doing it correctly. (There are a WHOLE bunch of things that people need to know before using a pinch collar and that’s a blog for another day.) I also never, NEVER. suggested that a client use a pinch or correction collar unless it was absolutely warranted, AND they KNEW what they were doing. It’s criminal how many dog owners don’t know the correct method to use a correction collar. Again, moving on)

Now, I don’t want to use one unless it’s absolutely necessary. With my dog or anyone else’s dog. Instead of thinking that the dog is just choosing to NOT do the thing and I’m going to punish them for it, I think ‘OK, WHY didn’t my dog do what I asked her to do? Was I not clear in my signal? Was it something in the environment that had her stressed or distracted?’

I try and set her up for success more so she wins more and wants to work for me more. She’ll benefit from the training, and she’ll still want to work with and for me because that’s her personality but I don’t want to have to use those methods with her. I want her eager and, even though I can’t ever be in her head, never worrying about if she’s going to get slammed for a small imperfection that she may have had no control over.”

That was the gyst of the conversation. It was kind of gratifying to explain something to someone who means a lot to me. I know that my Mom is proud of me and supports me in whatever I decide to do but it felt great to really open up and tell her my vision for training and have her understand, even though she’s never really trained a dog before or may not KNOW the ins and outs of dog psychology.

And that’s what I want for you guys. I’m hoping that my telling you the WHYS and telling you of my successes, you’ll see that you don’t necessarily have to use compulsion methods. That there are other ways to get the same results you’re looking for without using correction collars.

You guys, I’ve never felt happier talking about positive training recently and it’s made me so happy. I know that my clients feel it and I’m incredibly excited for what the future holds for me and my business.

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Please, please, please show your dog some love today. And Happy TrainingJ

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