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Dog - This site is a wholesale dog site. You can get A LOT of things from leashes and collars, to treats for your dogs as well as your cats! It's very affordable AND quality products.



Whenever you're talking about rate food that you feed your dog, EVERYONE is going to have their own opinion. While it's absolutely NOT my place to say what is best or better for your dog, I will say that it's important to give your dog food that will nourish their bodies, as well as not cause any allergic reactions.

Dog Food Advisor is a site that will give a review of the ingredients in the food that you're feeding your dog. It also let you know of any food recalls which is always helpful. 

An alternative to feeding commercially produced dog food is to feed them a raw diet.

People hear "Raw Diet" and they get grossed out.

"Wait, my dog will want to kill and eat my chickens if I feed them raw chicken"

No, your dog doesn't know that it's chicken. They know it's meat and they don't know that the live things running around your yard will taste the same.

Your vet might tell you that they don't like recommending the diet because they're afraid of the rich of getting salmonella poisoning or any other bacterial THING.

All I can say to that is Have you ever handled raw meat while preparing food your your family? Have YOU ever gotten sick or given it to one of your family members? Just saying'.

An EXTREMELY reliable resource I used for my own use was Perfectly Rawsome. There's a science behind feeding your dog the right amount of what and the site makes it super simple for you.


Leashes and Collars

There's no right or wrong leash for a dog. The one that I personally use is the Sporn leash. I like it because the leash itself is padded. If you pup decided he/she wants to pull one moment, when the leash catches around your wrist, it won't dig into your skin and practically burn it off. Also, there are two handles: One at the end of the six foot lead, as well as one right nest to the lobster clasp for the collar. super helpful for training, or just giving your dog the leash to explore and BE A DOG:)


Dog Sports

There are so many dog sports for people to choose from. If you were to ask me which one is going to be best for your dog, I'd say let your dog decide.

If you dog loves to swim, try dock diving.

If you dog has A LOT of energy, try Agility.

If you dog is get at learning thing quickly, try Obedience or Rally.

Agility This is the link to the AKC page on Agility. Below a brief description, you have options for resources, finding events to participate in, and even where junior handlers might participate and have some fun.

Rally This is AKC's page on Rally. Again, below the description, you'll find links to resources, events, and how your dog can earn points toward titles and awards.

Additional List of Sports Wikipedia has quite the extensive list. I'd say take a look, then start doing your research on anything that looks interesting. Pinterest is GREAT for getting details!