My Big Fat Greek Dog Wedding


Sep 05
I’m totally like that Dad in My Big Fat Greek Wedding. If you’ve never seen the movie, he says he
can relate ANY word to a Greek origin. ANY. WORD. Oh, and he thinks you can fix anything with windex.
While I am NOT Greek, and I don’t
have their beautiful olive skin or accent, or anything else fantastic from Greece, I can relate just about anything that us human go through on the daily to dog training and how dogs deal with things.
It’s weird right!?
Like when that jackass at work keep being mean to you….Why?  It’s probably because there’s something going on underneath: Maybe he’s fighting with his wife or partner and needs to take it out on someone/thing. Maybe he’s intimidated because you’re freakin’ awesome at your job, and he’s, well, not nearly as good as you and he knows it.
Or, how about when you take your child to the doctor’s office and your child is fighting you tooth and nail. You promise said child a lolli-pop, or an ice cream cone when you’re done and all of a sudden, the fighting, and screaming, and disagreeing suddenly stops.
I didn’t realize how cool psychology was and how much I could actually learn about how humans react to things until I started dog training. While the iec cream cone example above is a little bit of a stretch because the timing is totally different between children and canines but you get the point. Things become a lot easier if someone knows they’re going to get paid.
Learning to talk to your dog in a positive manner might seem strange or like you’re giving in to the dog and bribing them with cookies and that couldn’t be further from the truth.
By learning to speak to them, you’re creating a level of trust and understanding that wasn’t there before. Yes, your dog likes to cookies but your dog respects YOU. And Yes, there will come a time when your dog is going to try to be smarter than you are and make you want to pull out the cookies again, but that’s a post for another day.
I can’t tell you how invigorating, encouraging, uplift, and righteous it feels when your dog is doing well in their training. They get you. They understand you. They want to make you happy. And it’s do doable!
I didn’t want to make this a long one. I wanted to touch base a bit, say hello, let you know about my weird similarity to a completely made up individual so when I make weird comparisons in the future, you’ll get itJ
I hope everyone is having a great week and are planning on having a weekend you can look forward to. As always, happy training and I’ll talk to you soon.

Get closer to the relationship you want with your dog and learn how to take your dog from Mundane to Righteous and Awesome ;)