Back after a long absence


Dec 05

Hello, hello, hello to everyone out there. It’s been a while since I’ve posted and I feel like I’ve letHarlow at HTDD you down. I’m really sorry about that. The reason I’ve been MIA is a simple one: I got lazy. I let life get in my way. I got caught up in trying to improve my business but started doing those tasks that didn’t really make any progress in my business. They just kept me busy. And I forgot about why I really started my business which was to help people Not just help people but help as many people as I could in a meaningful way, in a way that would not only improve their lives but their dogs lives and their relationship.


During that time, I did learn a lot about dog psychology and body language. I learned how to work with dogs who have the “Dr. Phil” issues. I also learned what direction I wanted my business to take. After being very blessed with the ability to hold classes in various locations, I was given the opportunity to open a building. Yes, my very own space to hold classes, train dogs, and educate people on how to cultivate a beautiful relationship with their furry children. During that time I also was running a dog daycare with my business partner. While it helped pay the bills, it made me realize even more that a large number of people didn’t give too much attention to training their dogs. We became a little family with the pack that was built there but all good things must come to an end. Our lease was cut early and

we were forced to vacate our building. We had to leave behind all the plans we had for our businesses and all the help and guidance we so very much wanted to give.

Now, I’ve realized that to reach more people and, as I said earlier, help as many as I can, I decided that I wanted to take my business online. That included writing a blog, and here I am. There are so many things that could help dog owners that they don’t know about. Things like what to do when your dog just gives you the metaphorical finger when your’e training and how to go about fixing it. Or what do you do when your dog refuses to recall? Or what are some easy ways to keep your dog occupied while you’re doing housework. It’s all about the little tweaks and I want to help everyone troubleshoot.

I’m going to go now but I”ll be back soon. I look forward to hearing all about what you want to learn about, your failures, as well as your successes. Please feel free to share on Facebook or with your friends. I’ll talk to you soon!


Get closer to the relationship you want with your dog and learn how to take your dog from Mundane to Righteous and Awesome ;)