My name is Kim Hawkinson and I own On Point Dog Training. I take the guess work out of learning to speak to your dog and communicate with them what YOU find acceptable and what you want from, and for, them.

​Dog parents will learn how to ::

  • Discovering HOW your dog communicates best
  • Establishing Rules and Boundaries within your house to allow everyone to live in a more harmonious home
  • Creating a relationship between human and dog that is built on a foundation of respect and trust. One that instills pride and fulfillment.

My journey began when my husband and I got military orders to Honolulu, HI where I become an intern at Sea Life Park. After the internship, I was hooked on training. The only problem I had was that there were no dolphins on land so I switched to dogs!

Having worked with various different training techniques including Protection Dog work, Narcotics and Scent work, as well as Service Dog work, I have found that it all comes down to the foundation you lay with the dog that allows it to succeed. That's my main goal when I'm working.

Having a dog is hard work at times. Heck, it's like having another child, but when that child is calm, patient, polite, listens when you speak, and brings a smile to your face (mine are five and eight years old so I'm kind of talking about my own children), your entire world gets a little brighter.

That's what I want to be able to give you.

Whether you have never had a dog before or you've had them all your life and you found one that's giving you a run for your money, I am here to help you. 

I'm a Certified Professional Dog Trainer (CPDT-KA), as well as certified to approve successful completion for all levels of the Canine Good Citizen (CGC) Test and Trick Dog titles through AKC.

I welcome you to look around the site. Join the email list. Go have a look at all the AWESOME resources I have up on the FREE RESOURCES Page so you can start helping your dog be the amazing person they were born to be.

​Yes, I totally just called your dog a person!